Air Frying vs. Deep Fat Frying

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Comparison between air frying vs. deep fat frying

So, what is Comparison between air frying vs. deep fat frying?

1. The first obvious difference between the two is the fact that there is a slight difference in taste.

Though there are some who still feel the deep fried food tastes better, the total number of the fans who think otherwise and feel that the air fried foods are tastier carry the day.

The truth is that for air fried food, the sodden-grease taste which always sinks to your stomach has been done away with. In a nutshell, though with a very slight difference, the taste is very close to the deep fried type.

However, the air fried type comes with the advantages of reduced terrible cleanup process, reduced heavy oil smell within the house together with a general reduction of work.

This makes it easy for you to eat fried food more frequently without having to feel sick of being over-burdened with work.

2.Complete elimination of hassles, thanks to air frying:On the face value, it appears as if the preparation of food using the air fryers method takes longer than the deep frying method.

Comparatively, air frying takes 25 minutes whereas the deep frying method takes 8 minutes. However, in terms of energy use as well as the total cooking time, the air frying method takes a shorter time.

I mean when the hidden warm up together with cool down duration before deep frying and after, not mentioning the hassle, that comes with deep frying, I leave you to make the judgment for yourself.

Air frying saves you the waiting time for oil to heat up, cooling time before cleaning up, filtering as well as oil storage and the odor just to mention but a few.


a) First of all, your favorite foods will be back on the menu: One reason why you have been advised not to eat most of the junk foods is not because of their primary composition but because of what they result into after preparation. Upon frying with an air fryer, nutritionists will approve the same food that they advised you not to eat.

b) The natural healthy fats and oils are ideal for this frying. If you want an oily taste and appearance, you can stuff your food with walnut oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil among others. There is no limit as far as healthy gourmet cooking oils for hot air frying are concerned.

c) As mentioned earlier, the hassles that come with deep frying are highly reduced or completely eliminated in some aspects when this method is employed.

d) Air frying is economic. Cooking oils and fats cost you much, especially where deep frying is involved. Imagine a case where you enjoy sweet food yet you end up saving all that which you would have spent on cooking oil.


In addition to all these advantages, hot air frying is much safer. Deep fat frying causes over 1,000 casualties every year. All these can be eliminated by air frying. The air fryers can easily be operated even by young teenagers within the home. If you need safety, economy, health and convenience, then air frying is the way to go.