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Worldwide Recipes

Chicken Tagine With Pistachios, Dried Figs, and Chickpeas Recipe
[Photograph: Daniel Gritzer] Most braised meat and stew recipes on Serious Eats start with a meat-searing step, but not this
Glazed Carrots With Burnt Honey and Gochugaru Recipe
[Photograph: Sasha Marx] Glazed carrots are a classic vegetable side dish that employs a trés French technique called glaçage, for
Jus Alpukat (Indonesian Avocado and Coffee Shake) Recipe
[Photograph: Daniel Gritzer] Jus alpukat may translate to "avocado juice," but this rich, chilled Indonesian beverage is thick enough to
Western Omelette With Bell Pepper, Onion, Ham, and Cheese Recipe
[Photograph: Daniel Gritzer] In some parts of the United States this omelette is known as a Western omelette; in others
Sourdough Starter Recipe
[Photographs: Tim Chin, unless otherwise noted] At the outset, the process of making your own sourdough starter can seem daunting,
Sourdough Anchovy Croutons Recipe
[Photograph: Sasha Marx] All bread lovers—from avid bakers who are turning out beautiful loaves of sourdough on their own to